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My name is Matt Roddy. I have a passion in Web Design and Development because I love how there is always something new to learn.

I do everything I can to create a website to the satisfaction of my clients and their customers. I earned an Associate in Science Degree in Multimedia Technologies with a concentration in Web Design and Development at Pittsburgh Technical College. This is my portfolio website which I have created to demonstrate my abilities in Front-End Web Development. It displays some of my favorite projects.

I love tackling new project topics and figuring out the perfect style and layout for your business. I want to develop quality experiences for website users, and provide a client with a website that meets their business goals and lives up to their standards.

My Work

Call of The River Soaps E-Commerce Website

Talent Showcased: Visual Design, Front-End Development, Back-End Development

Objective: Sell a line of soap products

Target Audience: Adults

  • Hand-coded PHP was used in this project to pull product information from a MySQL database and display it on the website.
  • The layout was carefully styled to be responsive and rearrange effectively at various screen sizes, from desktop to mobile.
  • A CSS grid allows the product information to be laid out attractively and responsively. The user can click on any of the products to visit a page that retrieves detailed information about that individual product.
  • Dignified page styling and an appealing color scheme consisting of earthy browns and greens enhance the impression that the products are naturally made.

The World Fashion Display Event Website

Talent Showcased: Front-End Development, Client-side Development, Interactivity

Objective: Advertise the World Fashion Display event

Target Audience: Upper-middle to upper class adults

  • The first thing the user sees is a large video on the homepage which immediately immerses them in the event and its aesthetic.
  • Interactive elements grow, shrink, or change color when the user hovers over or clicks on them, adding engagement and enlivening the user experience.
  • This site's distinctive color palette centers around black, a sleek and stylish color important to fashion, with gold highlights for a touch of prestige and elegance.
  • Hand-coded with JavaScript, the shopping cart offers features that users will appreciate, including the ability to increase or decrease the number of tickets in their cart, and remove ticket items entirely.

Whole Note Company Website

Talent Showcased: WordPress Development, Visual Design

Objective: Attract a user base and advertise Whole Note Repair Services

Target Audience: Young to adult men interested in music and musical instruments.

  • WordPress was used for this project because it allows the business owners to easily update the site's blog and online store.
  • The distinguished brown and orange visual style reflects the wood colors often seen in the design of musical instruments.
  • Various WordPress plugins were used to enhance the site. WooCommerce was used to create an online store allowing customers to view and purchase products, Astra Widgets to incorporate social media icons, EditorsKit to increase interactivity and alter the functionality of blocks, and WooCommerce Menu Cart to add a cart icon link to the navigation.