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About Me

Hello, my name is Matt Roddy, welcome to, and thank you for visiting, my portfolio website. Here I've demonstrated my abilities in web design and development by featuring some of my favorite projects that I've worked on during my web design and development career.

I graduated from Pittsburgh Technical College with an Associate in Science Degree in Multimedia Technologies with a concentration in Web Design and Development. I love being able to express my creativity in my work, and building websites to the satisfaction of my clients. I pride myself on developing quality experiences for website users, and providing a client with a website that meets their business goals and lives up to their standards.

In my personal life, I have plenty of hobbies to keep myself busy. I play a variety of instruments, including drums, guitar, and bass guitar. Guitar is technically the instrument I started on, but the drums were what I really fell in love with and I took to them like a dog to peanut butter. Nowadays I'd say I play the bass guitar more than anything, and it is the instrument I've got the most knowledge and experience with, but I still dabble with my other instruments. I also enjoy a good book from time to time, video games for a reliable source of fun, and light exercise as well.

A photo of myself.