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Call of The River

About Us

A love for nature and a care for quality define us

We here at Call of The River are happy and proud to create quality products that you'll love. We take pride in every positive review we get, and want every new or potential customer to know that their satisfaction is our satisfaction. We provide a line of all-natural bar soaps, liquid soaps, and shampoos, all made in our facility in Salisbury, Connecticut.

We strive to give back to our community through charity events and fundraisers that we host and fund, and have helped many of our employees achieve their goal of college graduation through student benefits programs. We are proud of our success, we are proud of our quality, and we are proud to serve you!


Our History


Creating a product to be proud of

Founded in Salisbury, Connecticut in 2003, our goal has always been to make a product to be proud of. Our founder, Lindsey Anaheim, was born in raised in Northern Connecticut, and grew up surrounded by our state's beautiful nature. She would frequently visit Mount Riga State park and hike the beautiful, serene trails which provided an endless source of calm and relaxation to her.

Lindsey's favorite sight to see was always Riga Falls, a pristine waterfall with a swimming hole and gentle river beneath it. She said that it was her favorite place on earth, and that any time she was stressed or going through tough times she always wanted to go back to that special little place in the woods.

Upon graduating college with a bachelor's in business, Lindsey and her business partner, Melissa Quail, set out to create their own business by selling their own brand of soaps. Lindsey was given the final say on the brand name, and she chose to name it after her favorite place on earth, and wanted to describe the feeling she felt when she was away from it. She said she always heard a call, the call of the river.

Our Achievements

In 2014 we built our new production facility which has given us the ability to serve more customers and reach a wider audience than ever before! We are still based in Salisbury, Connecticut and have strived to give back to our community in any way we can. Our college student benefits program, started in 2017, has helped hundreds of students from the Northern Connecticut area achieve their dreams of graduation, and many of those graduates have become valued managerial staff at our organization.

In 2020, we began the Call of Helping Hands program, where we have hosted fundraisers for and donated to many charity organizations across the United States, both large and small.

We continue to provide high-quality, all-natural soaps to our beloved customers, and we owe our growth and our success to them, and our community.