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A line of fashion models walking down the runway.

The Hearts of Fashion

We can't show enough appreciation to the fashion designers who make this event possible and our industry thrive. Their wondrous imaginations, thoughtful designs, and passion for their projects are truly a breathtaking sight to behold. Here we highlight a few of the designers who will be featured at this year's event.

Fashion designer Klaus Magnusson sitting on a couch

Klaus Magnusson is the genius mind behind the Summer 2019 Gespare line. His emphasis on functionality as well as style has set him apart from many of his contemporaries, who have used their designs as bold artistic statements. His new privately created line of summer fashion works is sure to be a captivating sight.

Fashion designer Alice Marigold stadning against a blue and purple background.

Alice Marigold is a young, up-and-coming designer with radical new visions of what fashion should be. Her pieces have been strong contenders for various awards and she has proven herself to be an incredibly versatile designer. There has been lots of buzz around what she may be showcasing at this year's show, and we are looking forward to what she has to offer!

Famous fashion desinger Alexander Lebedev standing in front of a few buildings.

Alexander Lebedev set the fashion world on fire at last year's World Fashion Display Event. His bold colors, captivating figures, and above all his newly-featured Sunfire Dress were highlights of the event. He is returning this year and has implied in interview that he has something bold and new that will put last year's work to shame. He was quoted as saying, "It's something I've put a lot of passion into and am very proud of. It will definitely turn some heads."