This project was created by Matthew Roddy to showcase my skills in front-end web development and coding. The World Fashion Display is a fictitious event, you cannot contact their representatives, and you cannot order or purchase any tickets or other items from this website.



A line of fashion models walking down the runway.
The Event
A large, circular building with glass walls.

This year, The World Fashion Display 2023 event will be taking place at The New York Exhibition Hall, 1122 Freedom Boulevard, New York City, NY. This historic location has been a Freedom Boulevard mainstay for over 70 years and was the host location for the 3rd, 11th, and 16th annual Global Fashion Showcases.


Take exit 52 off of highway 13 and travel for six blocks down Executive Street, take a right at the intersection of Executive and Freedom Boulevard. Turn onto Freedom Blvd and travel for two blocks and the event center will be on your right.

Order of events

A banquet will be held for the VIPs every night of the event at 5:30 pm and will end at 7:00 pm just as the main event starts. The main showcase will take place from 7:00 pm until an intermission at 9:00 pm every night. At 9:00 pm some of the event’s top designers will become available for meet and greets with VIPs as well as open to interviews with members of the press.

At 9:30 pm a special short film about the history of the fashion industry and the influences that shaped the Global Fashion Showcase will play for the general audience in the main hall. At 9:50 pm, one of the event managers or one of the famed designers will give a speech until 10:20 pm. Upon the speech’s conclusion, the show shall resume until it ends for the night at 12:00am. This schedule will remain consistent throughout the week.