About Us

About Us

Man working in a workshop surrounded by guitars.

Our Mission

We strive to give your instrument the quality and care that you deserve at an affordable price. We want our work ethic and our attention to detail to be reflected in every aspect of our service to you.

Whole Note Repair founder and owner Henry White: Smiling man in a denim jacket standing against a wall.

Our History

Henry White is a musician and professional luthier from Pittsburgh, PA who for years had dreams of opening his own shop to repair and sell instruments. His dream came true in 2012 when he founded WholeNote Instrument Repair.

Since our founding we have:

  • Expanded our staff from a small crew of five to a growing team of over thirty employees.
  • Increased our social media presence to reach thousands of customers
  • Become one of the highest-rated music stores in the greater Pittsburgh area.

Meet Our Staff

Blog Writer Joe Wendermann: Man with long, blonde hair wearing. a green flannel shirt.

Joe Wendermann

Resident blog writer and music nerd extraordinare. Ask him his opinions on heavy metal albums from 1982 to 1997 and you will get an earful!

Senior Luthier Allan Lehman: Middle-aged man in glasses smiling and facing the camera.

Allan Lehman

Senior luthier with over 20 years of experience, eight of them being with us! He is the embodiment of the word professional and always puts maximum effort into every project.

Senior Sales Coordinator Rachel Roberts: Smiling African-American woman wearing a yellow shirt.

Rachel Roberts

Senior Sales Coordinator and the woman who can answer most any questions you have about instrument specs. She is a genuine wellspring of knowledge so if you see her in our store, ask her a question or two and she’ll be more than happy to answer.