Instrument Review:  The Desierto MB-920 Steel String Acoustic Guitar

Instrument Review:  The Desierto MB-920 Steel String Acoustic Guitar

For years, Desierto’s MB line has offered a consistently warm and full sound perfect for most any genre but especially the blues. Though I’ve never owned one personally, I have always enjoyed the opportunity to play one when it arises, and I have to say, this model certainly follows that trend of being a well-rounded and enjoyable instrument.

Let’s go over some specs, shall we?

The MB-920 has a 28 inch long neck, 16 inch fingerboard radius, and 1.7 inch nut width.

Strong and sturdy interior bracing make it a reliable instrument that can stand up to a bit of punishment, though like any instrument I would avoid damaging it at all costs.

It is manufactured with mahogany neck and koa wood body for a strong, reliable sound with plenty of depth and flavor. Cutaway design allows for easy access to higher frets, which makes it ideal for soloing.

The steel strings give the guitar’s sound an extra punch and volume that make it stand out and resonate very well. This of course comes with the setback of all steel string guitars in that the strings will be more difficult and physically taxing to play than a standard nylon string due to the extra pressure required for them to be firmly pressed against the neck.

It is very comfortable to play, after a few hours of playtime with it I had no discomfort whatsoever.

It held tune very well as most steel strings do, it only needed retuned once in my entire play session with it, and I had no trouble getting it in tune to begin with.

It offers a warm and sharp sound which is perfect for blues music, as well as rock and country.

Overall it is a very well-made instrument which is incredibly satisfactory to play, the Desierto MB line has yet to disappont me, and I look forward to future offerings from the Desierto brand.

This item is currently priced at $789.99 through most major retailers.

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