Tips for Beginners Learning a New Instrument

Tips for Beginners Learning a New Instrument

1. Get a metronome

A metronome is an essential piece of equipment for any musician, both new and experienced. Simply set one up while you practice and do your best to play with the beat. Don’t be afraid to start slow, even if the song you’re playing is blazing fast. Slowing it down will help you learn every detail of the song, and once you’ve got it mastered at slow speeds, start bumping it up as you go until you reach the original tempo. Playing fast is a good skill, but playing with precision is the most important thing.

2. Stretch before practicing

Many beginners will often encounter stiffness or pain when they begin learning their new instrument. This is because they usually fail to properly stretch and warm up their muscles. Music can be a surprisingly taxing activity, and like exercise, forgetting to stretch first can cause you some major problems. Most musicians should focus on stretching their fingers and wrists since those parts of the body will often see the most strain. Drummers and percussionists should also focus on their legs and arms since those areas will see great amounts of activity as well.

3. Find a YouTube channel you like that focuses on music education

There are more options now than ever for aspiring musicians to learn their instrument. Video-sharing sites like YouTube have opened the floodgates of knowledge on every topic, and musicians have benefited greatly from the newfound ability to easily share knowledge with one another via the internet. You can find dozens of different YouTube channels all talking about music and music theory. Some will be general knowledge that anyone can use, but most will focus specifically on a certain instrument. Finding a channel that focuses on your instrument and whose host connects with you through the screen is a massive advantage. I’ll recommend a few of my favorites below based on what instrument they focus on.

May this advice help you on your journey to becoming a better player!

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